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Streem quickly connects to any web platform; adding interactive video to your CX workflows.

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Integrating a visual layer to your contact center workflows can increase ROI while taking your CX and operational efficiencies to world-class levels.

I'll help you see how Streem interactive video can transform your business with virtual customer experiences that give agents remote problem-solving super powers.

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Incorporate visual context into your sales, service, and field management workflows.

  • Open Streem directly from any Salesforce page.
  • Invitation form is pre-filled with name, number, and ticket ID.
  • Streem call summary link is automatically noted in call log.
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Quickly add a visual layer to your CXone instance.

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Embed Streem inside your agent desktop.

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Easily add a Streem connector via VCC Admin.

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Take your problem-solving abilities to new levels with added visual context and interactive tools.

  • Open Streem from your Zendesk object of your choice
  • Invitation form pre-filled with name, number, and ticket ID.
  • Streem call summary link automatically noted in the call log.


You're only a click away from being virtually on-site with your customers.

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Coming Soon Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect

Add a Streem button to the Contact Control Panel.

Coming Soon talkdesk


Add a Streem panel to the Talkdesk Agent Dashboard.

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Integrate with SSO, Streem SDKs & Rest API.

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